The rate for home organizing is $200 for five hours of work.  I’ll haul away to donate or recycle what you no longer need or want, at no extra cost.   

~ The rate for wardrobe consulting is $65 an hour. 



It doesn't matter the type of room, or the condition;  I'll work with you, and together we'll decide what to keep, donate or throw out.  I will handle all the foot work.  


If you avoid having friends and family over because of the condition of your house, you need to pick up the phone and call today.  I'm discreet, nonjudgmental, and truly want to see you living a better life.



     Here are some of the areas served:


  1. Bedrooms and Closets
  2. Kitchen, Pantries and Dining Rooms
  3. Bathrooms
  4. Kids Rooms and Nursery's
  5. Garage and Attics
  6. Living Rooms and Dens
  7. Your Public Storage Space
  8. Sheds
  9. Moving (packing and unpacking) It's so nice to do it right!
  10. Home office